Things You Can Shoot in PA and How Many

Small Game
Daily Limit      Field Posession Limit             
6                    12            Squirrels, Gray, Black, Red, and Fox (combined)8                    12            Squirrels, Gray, Black, Red, and Fox (combined) Eligible Junior Hunters Only
2                    4              Ruffed Grouse
4                    8              Rabbits, Cottontail
2                    4              Ring-Necked Pheasants, Male Only
4                    8              Bobwhite Quail
1                    2              Hares (Snowshoe Rabbits)
Unlimited                        Woodchucks
Unlimited                        Crows 

Big Game
1                    1              Wild Turkey
1                    2              Wild Turkey, Spring Gobbler
1                    1              Elk, Antlered or Antlerless
1                    1              Bear
1                                    Deer, Archery, Antlered, Antlerless, Flintlock, Muzzleloader 

Furbearers  – Hunting
Unlimited                         Foxes, Red and Gray
Unlimited                         Skunks, Opossums, Weasels, Coyotes
Unlimited                         Raccoons
1                      1             Bobcat 

Unlimited                         Raccoons, Skunks, Opossums, Weasels, Coyotes
Unlimited                         Coyotes and Foxes (Cable Restraint Devices May Be Used)
Unlimited                         Minks and Muskrats
20                     20           Beavers
1                       1            Bobcat

Fort Saint Davids sure is upset that they are only allowed one Spring Gobbler a day! And only 12 squirrels total!
Things Fort Saint Davids is glad about:

  • Cable restraints can be used when trapping coyotes!
  • Weasels and crows are unlimited! Yay!

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