It’s Like We Know Everyone: Daily Miltonian Is Pleased As Punch To Introduce Our Latest Weekly Feature

Autumn Favorites Part One:

1. The Central Park Dance Skaters Association and their last skate of the rollerdancing season.

2. Joanna Newsom’s illuminated manuscript-esque liner notes for the new album Ys.

3. The concept of the Wawa Tofurkey Hoagie. A petition is in the works
for this fantasy to become a reality.

4. Three or more cups of Yerba Maté tea in a row right before bed time.

5. The decline of the Gilmore Girls and convincing oneself that it is still quality television even though it’s not.

Thanks Hill! Anyone looking to check out Ghostface Hilla’s wildhopey NY-centric Flickr account featuring marathons, parties, skateboarding, birds, and croquet should certainly click here.


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