Warming Watch

The Novembers of your childhood: leftover Halloween candy, big warm jackets, the neighborhood starts to smell like burning firewood again, Ronnie’s basement smells like snowboard wax, maybe throwing a football, dad starts using rosemary in his cooking, raking leaves, the first snowfall, and, of course, gaggles of geese flying south in V-formation.

Has anyone seen this yet this year? As Fort Saint Davids are city dwellers, it might not be so uncommon for us to have missed this natural phenomenon, but last year, we were working across the street from Eshy which is definitely the suburbs. When the geese finally arrived there (in December) they came with robins (what? I thought they were supposed to symbolize spring?), and then they never left. It was like where we were became the south that they always flew to. And there were tons of these guys. There are a bunch of little lakes behind Eshy and the geese just hung out there all day. Who knows what they were eating – leftover Chik-fil-a maybe?

Then a co-worker told us that migrating south in the winter is not instinctual for Canada Geese, it is actually passed down from generation to generation. Now apparantly the warmer weather is really taking its toll on these “goose traditions”.

So now Fort Saint Davids is gonna start a Warming Watch, where you let us know what the geese are up to, because, as mentioned before, we’re city dwellers. Global Warming – making life exciting again.


One thought on “Warming Watch

  1. That Autumn thing? It’s EVERYWHERE out here in the pines. Armadas og geese everywhere.

    Robins never leave–that’s a fallacy. They just hang out deeper in the woods.

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