FSD Interviews R. Cement Flom

me: write for blog
Cement: I can’t write about comics
11:00 AM me: ok
how about music
Cement: Ick
me: how about
something you like
11:02 AM yooooo
11:03 AM how about your ord or ye loosrhd
11:04 AM Cement: Excuse me?
me: you could write about either your ord or ye loosrhd it dont matter
Cement: I don’t understand those words
me: but choose between the wo options
your ord or ye loosrhd
11:05 AM Cement: Keep typing them, I’ll get it eventually
11:06 AM me: your ord or ye loosrhd
11:07 AM Cement: Angaro you gotta black it — (??!?!?) — it’s cool cuz yumma TAKEN out like roget and standiyt drainpipe mishigoss
Avenue B(roken arm) I’m all out of hail marys got one more eyesocket hhhhhhhhhhhh
Trabb it didididiidiiidiiiiii and See My Jets
11:08 AM Of course, mer de mer and the occasionally door lamb ex-wife haribud
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11:09 AM brb

me: your ord or ye loosrhd. there are no other choices.


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