Fort Saint Davids is pretty darn excited about one of their recent purchases: the ir77 book and dvd. This is a production structured around the five major tenets of the sport of snowboarding: anticipation, exhilaration, dedication, pain, and stories, all set in an ingenious usage of the font Block Berthold.

This is not a typical snowboard video; it contains no contest footage and almost the entire cast is present throughout all the scenes. However, the euphoric effects are the same. After a second viewing in the pre-season, you’ll be trying your clothes on just to make sure they still fit, and waterproofing your boots (again). Some scenes are downright poetic: the opening scene of one of the riders hiking up a little patch of leftover snow about 40 yards long between the colorful leaves of autumn while a voice-over of a telephone conversation between him and an unidentified female plays where she explains to him that it’s July. Later the rider is seen doing a surf-style layback into a huge pile of cedar leaves. Another visceral scene is in the “Guts” section (essentially, produced outtakes) #4, led by a warbling soundtrack of an old Civil War tale Appalachian folk song sung by Alela Diane, where our heroes are taken up into the back country, sleep in a snow shelter, dig themselves out, and then ride. The song is haunting and the footage is perfect.

Where the movie is not poignant, then it is very, very funny.

View the trailer here.

Watch this space for a viewing party starring FSD and Crooks.


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