Local Weiird

Who said Fort Saint Davids doesn’t like new music? Or local music for that matter. Blasphemy, we say, it’s just not true. Take Relay for example — their recent Still Point of Turning CD is on some seriously heeaavy rotation here at the FSD compound. In turns big, noisy, bright, pretty, sad, and really f’n loud, there’s something really special burned on that silver disc. Just don’t use the S Word around Relay ‘coz that’s when they reach for their revolvers. What’s the S Word? Well I can’t rightly say it here. Rhymes with Clue Maze. Or Moo Haze. Or…what’s that? Okay, just come here and I’ll whisper it in your ear. But you didn’t hear it from us!

In Relay-ted news, FSD had a disturbing yet eerily realistic dream that all the members of Relay became so obsessed with the impending realse of the Nintendo Wii that they changed the name of the band to Wiilay and then changed their names too.

From left to right: Wiikele, Wiiard, Wiian aka The Big Wii, and Wiigz.

Funny, right? Say, Alex, you think Jowii Swiiney will link this one? On second thought don’t answer that.


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