Fort Saint Davids goes to the Paper Show

Last night was the Lindenmeyr Munroe Paper Show at the Diamond Club in Citizen’s Bank Park, so Fort Saint Davids hopped on the blue line at 30th Street, hit the free transfer at City Hall and rode the Orange Line down to the end. Evening rush hour commutes on the Orange Line are pretty wild, especially when you’re not going home but everyone else invariably is. Even though it’s not baseball season, we were going to the ballpark.

Fort Saint Davids was in attendance for the samples, the Diamond Club, the free food, and the open bar.

The best new swatch books come from The French Paper Company, replacing their previously hideous ones. M-real gave us a great new self-promotional contest book. And universally, the biggest deal now is sustainability and the environment. Along with all the free paper samples and promo materials and t-shirts, we were handed a little live blue spruce in a sealed plastic test tube and were told to go plant it somewhere sunny. Pretty cute. By the end of the night, of course, we had killed like an acre of forest, but the free baby tree giveaways let everyone feel a little better about themselves.

The location, however is awesome. According to their website, the Diamond Club is currently sold out, but that might jsut be because it’s the off-season. Fort Saint Davids loves the new ballpark and thinks that if there had been a game last night, the Diamond Club would’ve been a great place to be. The food they offered was decidedly un-paper show like:
assorted flatbreads, crackers, and baked things
dips (hummus, tabbouleh, and bruschetta)
hot dogs (albeit fancy ones) in sauerkraut with ketchup, mustard, relish, and riggedy-reh-reh-raw onions
sausage and peppers
mashed potatoes
carving station with roast beef au jus
cooked-to-order pasta; farfalle and grilled chicken in some kind of parmesan sauce, and penne with italian sausage and some fra diavolo sauce

Their open bar was far superior to any other paper show we’ve ever been to, however, as it was full-service and fairly premium, not just beer and wine. It made up for any shortcomings there may have been with the food.

Fort Saint Davids cut out early in order to get home in time to watch the real paper vendors on tv at “the Office”.

Jim’s coming back to Scranton and he’s bringing that new jawn with him. It looks like that Brady Bunch dawg is off the show now. Dwight told Mike that his favorite memory at Dunder Mifflin was the time that Mike took him to the hospital and told him he cared about him.


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