What’s The Maté?

“Well now this is happening.”

-Jack Black to Will Farrell, before throwing a dog off the side of a bridge, in Anchorman.

Maté Mania has swept the FSD offices by storm. At all times there is a huge lobster pot of the stuff brewing in the kitchen, available to all, to be ladled steaming hot into white Styrofoam cups. Even LEGEND OF STREET DOG is provided with a brushed-steel bowl filled with Maté twice a day, for the vitamins. Productivity is at an all-time peak. Post-Mate revalations/decisions include:

-We are making a film in December.
-We will be staging a play in February.
-We’re teaming up with Philebrity to put on a monthly literary event.
-Schwartz is running for Mayor.
-FSD is running for President.

Also, Bader finally collected all six pieces of the Biometal armor in Megaman ZX. Way to go, Bader!


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