Fort Saint Davids is a bit disappointed, yet hopeful

Yes, it’s true, Fort Saint Davids cast their vote for an anti-choice candidate, albeit one that upset the antichrist-like incumbent Rick Santorum. While this act carries with it a certain degree of depressing feelings, it appears as though we are set to ouster Republican control over all of the legislative branch of our government.

The reality is that progressives from coast-to-coast did a little bit of settling for lesser evils, just as Fort Saint Davids has done at the polls yesterday. We’re a firm believer that elections should be this big event where we gather all the most intelligent experts in a certain field (say, on how best to represent your state in Washington, D.C.) and then divide them up parties (Democrat, Green, Libertarian, Socialist, Communist, Whig, Tory, Workers, Democratic Socialist, etc) depending on where they stand on the issues, and then you vote. That way, you get the smartest guy or girl for the job. Wait, isn’t that democracy? What? Oh that’s right, lobbying and corporate interest nullified that.

No bother. Perhaps it’s true and the climate will start to change. Perhaps we will start to see a lot more filibusters, more intelligence, more caring, more understanding. But we’re still electing Bush shills like Leiberman over Lamont, which isn’t all that promising. We consider any Democrat that isn’t running on a platform of “95% estate tax” and “universal health care” and “taxing the top 1% earners 75% of their income” and “publicizing the next ten years of military technology for civilian use” and “rooftop gardens” and “reparations” as pretty moderate. And that is almost 100% of the new House and Senate seats we picked up yesterday.

Be prepared in the coming weeks to see an essay on “Fort Saint Davids for President” outlining our platform for the 2008 Presidential race.


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