Sol Maté?

Fort Saint Davids isn’t sure, but they think that they can recommend this beverage that came to us after following the advice of Crooks a few weeks ago. The taste for the Original is very plain with pretty much just the Cane Sugar coming through. However it is very reminiscent of very sweet tea – especially plain green or an herbal tea like plain ginseng tea – which tastes like cardboard. Of course – the benefits of this drink are what you should be going for – potency well beyond that of coffee and absolutely none of the bad effects like the acidity or jitteryness. As a matter of fact, this just makes you feel suddenly awake – and you almost never realize you were ever drinking anything that was supposed to wake you up. Be forwarned not to eat sweets (such as leftover Halloween candy) with it as the carboardey taste really comes through then. Oh and the other downfall – $9 for four bottles. But for those of you who look to expensive Starbucks drinks in the morning, Fort Saint Davids is sure that your bill for four doses is in excess of $12.


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