Reminder: We Are Here To Help You Help Yourself Help Us Help Everyone

You think blogs are made on trees? Hell no, they’re made on the Internet, and newsflash: you’re on the Internet too. Time to quit reading and start writing. is your passport to:

ASK CROOKS. Ask for advice, clues, truths, maybe even money. But please, ASK CROOKS.

-Too scared or weirded out to ask Crooks? Try LEGEND OF STREET DOG. Never know, might work.

-Read a comic book and liked it? Submit your review to SPINNER RACK.

-You say a mixtape changed your life? Perfect. Send us your MIXTAPE MEMORIES, please.

-Just got something to say and no one to say it too? You’re never lonely here. WRITE US.

And holy wow thanks again for reading DAILY MILTONIAN daily. We love you so much it makes us sick.


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