Bloodlust for killing Saddam may turn some votes over to Republicans

Why is it that the party that has the morality racket all cinched up gets really excited when we kill something?

from the nytimes today:

“WASHINGTON, Nov. 5 — President Bush on Sunday seized on the conviction of Saddam Hussein as a milestone in Iraq, seeking to rally Republican voters with the issue of national security as some polls suggested that his party might be making gains in the final hours of the campaign.

“‘Today we witnessed a landmark event in the history of Iraq: Saddam Hussein was convicted and sentenced to death by the Iraqi High Tribunal,’ Mr. Bush said to roars of approval in a hockey auditorium packed with supporters in Grand Island, Neb.”

If the Republicans wanted to make sure they keep control over the House and the Senate, they should just kill more people. Most conservatives can’t wait for the hanging of Saddam video to show up on Youtube. As a matter of fact, Fort Saint Davids personally knows of a few conservatives who are planning on somehow getting to Iraq for the date of the execution for front row seats! At the gallows!


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