Fort Saint Davids Department of Public Apologies

FSD would like to apologize as the regular deluge of soul-nourishing posts you have come to expect from Daily Miltonian has slowed to an indistinct trickle. One of our regular chain-smoking monkeys tried to break the chain that had him tied to an iBook and has broken his left hand. Damn you, monkey! As a result, things have gotten a little slow around here. But fret not, dear reader! Time heals all wounds and all monkey-hands, so in a few weeks there will be so much to read on here that you will lose your job, at which point you can come here and work for us. We will provide you with a monkey suit, an iBook, an unlimited smokes. Nice work if you can get it.

In the meantime, go kill some company time over at our other site,, where we will be wrapping up our Pilot Summer event in the grand old fashion. Keep us bookmarked, and we’ll see you soon.

Your best friends in this big old scary world,

Fort Saint Davids


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