Human v2.0

Ray Kurzweil says computer intelligence will surpass the human brain in 2029. That’s in our lifetime – and comparatively, it’s not all that far away. BBC2 has done a bang-up job of covering the discussions and theories by Mr. Kurzweil (inventor of the print-to-speech reading machine for the blind, the first commercial large-vocab speech recog technology, and the Kurzweil 250 music keyboard, amongst others) and many more prominent scientists, professors, and writers.

Ray Kurzweil has arguably done more to benefit and normalize life for the disabled than anyone else in the history of the world. His views on the Singularity make room for all of mankind – not leaving anyone out.  The rosiest possible outcome of the sudden acceleration of human development when paired with a higher intelligence (namely, computers) would grant us, as humans, the ability to: begin utilizing nanotechnology to repair bodies at the cellular level, have autonomous software agents deliver information to us, as quickly and easily as our arms now move wherever we wish them to, produce goods on-demand so efficiently that wealth and poverty become almost meaningless terms, experience virtual reality so real that it gets hard to distinguish from the real thing, have many “servants”—either robotic or software-based—as we like, and have our augmented human intelligence soar and—trading insights with one another at light speed—help us attain entirely new levels of thought.

Human v2.0 – interesting stuff


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