Monday’s Song

A few words about the way we roll here in Fort Saint Davidsville.
Monday’s start early, as the P&P (Parks and Papers) Club meets at a
chosen city park for newspapers, coffee, and bracing morning air.
That’s six AM, people! So after sitting for a spell in Rittenhouse,
scarves around necks and gloves clutching Styrofoam cups of coffee
while the wind kicked our newspaper pages all over the place, we
headed over to the FSD offices around seven, prepared for a full day
of serious work. That is, until Renee the intern decided to put on
“The Love Song” by Donovan, at which point we all found ourselves in
an hour-long dance party next to the water cooler, the crazy song
stuck on repeat, as Renee did “The Vulture”, which she said was a
dance-step explained to her by DJ Salem in a dream. One full hour of

But that doesn’t mean we won’t share the song with you…au contraire, mon ami…here it is!
The Love Song by Donovan

Now enough chatter – it’s time to get back to work.


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