Big Dead Voodoo Raccoon

BIG DEAD VOODOO RACCOON defy definition – and reality, for that matter. Having no albums, no instruments, no real songs, and no definite members, BIG DEAD VOODOO RACCOON is more of a concept than anything else – yet across the country their shows pack the house night after night. The three primary instigators, Wild Turkey, Diet Pepsi, and the Voodoo Raccoon, all refuse to call the project a band and in fact deny being members, preferring to be called singers and insisting that BIG DEAD VOODOO RACCOON is in fact “your band.” Fort Saint Davids spoke with Wild Turkey, or Wild “T” as he prefers to be called, and Diet Pepsi outside a BIG DEAD VOODOO RACCOON show a VFW Hall in Bordentown, New Jersey.


WILD “T”; I met the Voodoo Raccoon at a little café in Davis (California) called Café Roma. Dude was jammin’ on a pick and we just kinda hit it off from there. You ever meet the Voodoo Raccoon? Free dude. Freest dude you’ll ever meet. He spoke the truth then and still does. I’d stake my claim on those words. Diet Pepsi just kinda fell into place. He’s a drifter. Came walking down the SP Pacific Railroad tracks and never looked back. He’s one of our own. He pretty much started your band. The three of us started singing together and that’s how we came up with your song, that song that you be singing even tonight. But we owe a lot of that to Diet Pepsi.

FSD: Where was your first gig? What was it like?

WT: The Voodoo Raccoon sent out the email. I didn’t even know what a fuckin’ internet was at the time. But the Raccoon, he was deep into that shit yo. Emailin’ jawns all over the country and shit. So we were singing those words a lot then, just walking through the streets at night singing:


Like over and over and shit. It was your song, see, and we couldn’t get the shit outta our heads, so we just kept singing it and singing it. I guess that’s where the Raccoon got the idea from, and me and Diet Pepsi we just kinda fell into place. So the email right it said that at noon everybody who get the email gotta get on the 242 YOLOBUS and when they get on just roll down the windows and start singing:


Like over and over and shit. And the time came and we got on the bus and that’s just what we all did. Like twenty or so heads, all doing it.

FSD: Was this inspired by the Flash Mobs?

DIET PEPSI: What the fuck is a fuckin’ flash mom, yo?

FSD: [Explains Flash Mobs]

DP: Naw, yo, fuck that shit yo. I fuckin’ stab a motherfuckin’ flash – yo, whoever came up with that corny shit musta had they head filled with gas ‘coz whoever came up with that corny shit sounds like they must be gassed yo.

FSD: How did BIG DEAD VOODOO RACCOON evolve from the gig on the bus to its current format?

WT: Basically we got kinda notorious for riding the YOLOBUS with a bunch of heads from the internet and singing that song – that’s around the time that Diet Pepsi told us that it was your song.

DP: I just realized that we might have, you know, put together those words but we didn’t make up them words. Them words were already there, like, uh, like already in place. So I was just like, well we be sharing these words all day, so how the fuck is this shit like my motherfucking song, yo? Nobody filled my head up with no gas, so I know I ain’t be gassed or nothin’, so I figured we might as well just give it back and let it be your song.

WT: Right. So the first gigs were at clubs, and we’d get up and we’d sing your song for like ten minutes and then just walk off the stage and get a drink and go home.

FSD: What was the response like at the initial gigs?

WT: Oh shit, motherfuckers be off the chain, like going fuckin’ buck wild and shit. And this was before – I mean this was just the three of us, singing the song,


For like ten minutes, and that was that. And we were off.

DP: That’s when I started to really think, shit man if this be your song then why the fuck ain’t you singing it?

WT: Right, so that’s about when we started inviting heads up on the stage and teachin’ them the words and having them sing the song with us.

DP: So it like, it evolve to the point it is now, where we won’t even start singing until we got every head in the club up on the stage with us, ready to sing.

FSD: So is there ever a gig where you guys sing and there’s anyone actually standing on the floor of the club, watching the performance?

WT: Hellllll no! If you show up to the show, it be your show, and you gotta perform. We ain’t startin’ until you be ready. You can’t perform if you standing on the floor in the club. You gotta get on the stage.

DP: That’s why we ain’t never been taped, or filmed, or nothin’. Because there ain’t anyone in the club no more. They all on the stage with us.

FSD: So essentially by forcing the audience to join the band, you eliminate the audience completely.

WT: They be in the band. That’s why everyone get paid. You come to see us, it’s gonna be your gig. Whatever they charge at the door, at the end of the night that money is back in your pocket. Because we make sure that every singer in BIG DEAD VOODOO RACCOON get paid.

DP: You gotta get paid.

WT: Straight up.

FSD: But a spectacle requires a spectator. How can –

WT: Yo, if BIG DEAD VOODOO RACCOON fall in the woods, you know we gonna make some noise.

FSD: But besides eliminating the audience, you’re also said that there are no members either, meaning no band.

DP: There be truth in that. There be no audience, and since there no band members there be no band either.

FSD: Basically what you’re saying is, BIG DEAD VOODOO RACCOON doesn’t even exist.

DP: Except in the dark gassed up regions of yo gassed up motherfuckin’ head, yo.


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