Daily Miltonian reminds you: write us, and read the archives

Boy we’re going bananas over here. New posts all day. It must be all the strong coffee that Renee the intern makes. Hey Renee how’s about we get another cup of that –oh hey, there we go, thanks sweetheart. You’re a doll. Mwah. Anyhow, we just want to remind you to:

A.)Write us. That’s info@truejersey.com…let us know what you think, like, and need to know. Also we will plug your event, if we like your event. And considering that we love events…most events! We’ll most likely plug it. Here at Fort Saint Davids, we tend to lead what you might call “eventful” lives. So we’re hip to events. Wha-hoo!


B.)Read the archives. If you missed something, there’s no excuse! At the bottom of the page, just click “Previous posts.” That’ll keep you up to speed. Precision Auto, baby.


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