80’s Desert Music

Mad Max
A few months ago, Fort Saint Davids designer/visionary/smokingmonkeyonaG5 Alexander Zahradnik kinda lost his marbles one weekend and compiled a playlist on Youtube that he entitled “80’s Desert.” The dude has been freaked on the idea of the 80’s desert for a while now, and the creation of the playlist of all songs he fucking hates was his total cracking point. Playlist out of the way, he walks the streets a free man now, no longer tormented by the idea that at one really weird point in the 80’s people were really mixing up the Austrialian Outback, the American Southwest, and Egypt. For example, the Texan armadillo in “Rock the Casbah.” Here’s Alex in his own words:

“Bono, long hair whipping in the wind atop a Namibian dune, loose white opera shirt open to bare chest, singing a reggae-ized cover of Take On Me as an armadillo, a kangaroo, a camel, and a cobra water together at the nearby oasis.”

Got that? Click away:

80’s Desert


3 thoughts on “80’s Desert Music

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