Fort Saint Davids Summer

Much like Pilot Summer, the Fort Saint Davids Summer is far from over. You see, we have three beach trips left on our Summer Contract, which states that we’ve got to get down to the shore at least ten times in 2006. I know, sounds kinda pathetic, right? I’m sure plenty of you went ten times in June alone. And our first trip, to Ocean City, NJ, was in MARCH. Regardless, we’re up to number seven – which took place on a Monday night, when it was 62 degrees, and we went to Woodland Beach, DE. Ever been down the scenic Coastal Heritage Greenway, and had the bejeezus frightened out of you when a Barn Owl swoops in front of the car, pacing you for about 30 yards? We definitely suggest it. The waves can get up to 3 inches, and there’s a great view of the Jerz across the water.

Now is the perfect time of the year for a beach trip. Cape May, Montauk, Ruggles, Sandy Hook, Manasquan, Slaughter, we’re open to suggestions. Want to come join us? Write to

Miss Cape Henlopen


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